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Belarus Tax Consulting Institute

The Institute of Tax Consulting has been successfully implemented in many countries. Its positive impact on business environment has been repeatedly confirmed. In February 2014, an important project of building the institution of tax consultants was launched in Belarus. The responsibility for the successful implementation of the project in the national economy by January 2017 lied on the Ministry of Taxes and Dues.

Responsibility of the company for not keeping military records

Not everyone knows that military registration at enterprises and organizations is carried out regardless of the form of ownership and the number of employees. Currently, most organizations do not even have a rough idea about what kind of accounting and how to keep it.

What you need to know about electronic invoices

At present, payers do not have a question about the need to work with electronic invoices - ESCF, from January 1, 2017 this obligation rests with both sellers regarding invoicing and buyers regarding legitimacy of accepting VAT deductions.

Accounting outsourcing: the pros and cons

Recently, outsourcing is widespread in the Belarusian business environment, having ceased to be a rarity. Thus, firms increasingly outsource their bookkeeping.

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