Responsibility of the company for not keeping military records

Not everyone knows that military registration at enterprises and organizations is carried out regardless of the form of ownership and the number of employees. Currently, most organizations do not even have a rough idea about what kind of accounting and how to keep it.

Consider the basic concepts of military accounting.

Military accounting is a state system of accounting and analysis of conscripted and military-liable resources. The main requirements for military registration are the completeness and reliability of the data.

Military records are maintained at the place of residence and the main work (study) of citizens.

Keeping military records at the enterprise is guided by the following regulatory legal acts:

– The Law of 05.11.1992 No. 1914-XII “On Military Duty and Military Service” (with subsequent amendments and additions), establishing the legal and organizational basis for the performance by citizens of the Republic of Belarus of military duty (constitutional duty to protect the Republic of Belarus) through military service, as well as the grounds and conditions for exemption from military service, including the duty and procedure for maintaining military records;

– Instruction on the procedure for organizing and maintaining military registration of persons liable for military service, approved by Decree of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus dated May 31, 2011 No. 21 (with subsequent amendments and additions) (hereinafter referred to as Instruction No. 21), which determines the procedure for constructing an accounting card file, purpose, form, and procedure for filling out , issuance and storage of military records and features of military registration of certain categories of citizens of the Republic of Belarus;

– The Regulation on military registration, approved by the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated 18.12.2003 No. 1662 (with subsequent amendments and additions) (hereinafter – the Regulation), which determines the procedure for conducting military registration of citizens of the Republic of Belarus.

What you need to know when conducting military registration in the organization

The head is responsible for the state of military registration. In turn, he may appoint persons responsible for maintaining this record. The number of persons depends on the number of employees registered with the organization. If such employees:

– from 500 to 2,500 – one employee carries out military registration;
– from 2,500 to 5,000 – two employees;
– from 5,000 to 8,000 – three employees;
– for each subsequent 3,000 – one employee.

Workers keeping military records are appointed, relocated, and dismissed by agreement with the military commissioner, with the exception of organizations that have mobilization bodies (paragraph 117 of Instruction No. 21). A notice on the appointment, relocation and dismissal of such an employee is sent to the military enlistment office with a copy of the relevant order.

If the employee is temporarily absent, the head of the organization appoints the person acting as the dismissed employee. In this case, all documents required for military registration and reservation of persons liable for military service, including special registration forms, personal cards, are transferred to the newly appointed person under the act. Before signing the act, the availability of special registration forms registered with the organization is verified with the data of the military commissariat.

In all organizations, personal primary registration of citizens by personal cards should be kept. The personal card form is contained in Appendix 2 to Instruction No. 21 (Form 2).

At the conclusion of the employment contract, persons liable for military service and persons subject to conscription for military service must present military registration documents without fail:

● for those liable for military service – a passport, military ID;
● for draftees – passport, draftee certificate.

These documents should check for the existence of relevant records. If there are any inaccuracies, unspecified corrections or fakes in military IDs, conscript certificates, their owners are sent to the military commissariat to confirm the data in the military registration documents. It also checks the presence of a stamp on admission to military registration in the appropriate section of a military ID card, draftee certificate.

Admission to work without documents is not allowed.

Documents on military registration should be stored in specially equipped rooms with a safe for storing documents and exclude access to unauthorized persons. The necessary conditions for the storage of documents are provided by the head of the enterprise.

Military registration is carried out at the main place of work (paragraph 3 of the Regulation), therefore, part-time workers are not required to submit military registration documents when hiring. Foreign citizens and stateless persons do not submit the relevant documents when hiring, since only its citizens bear military duty in the Republic of Belarus (paragraph 2 of Article 4 of the Law on Military Duty).

The responsible officer shall submit information on the hiring of a person who is or is required to be registered with the military to the military registration authority at the place of residence of the person within a week (paragraph 2 of Article 9 of the Law on Military Duty).

Keep in mind and remember that hired women aged

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