Tax consulting

For any business

Small and medium-sized enterprises

For directors and accountants

Regardless of the competencies

The taxation of the Republic of Belarus is notable for its complexity and constant changes.

To solve problems, we have provided a qualified and complete answer. It is also necessary to determine the algorithm of actions when planning and performing financial and business operations with an assessment of their risks.

Financial Laboratory LLC is an intermediary between the business sector and regulatory authorities. We help to analyze and prepare documents for the upcoming verification.

It is not always possible to entrust the resolution of your problems and questions to the tax authority. We will help you in their solution and preservation.

Need to deal with tax claims? We will explain their position and help defend yours.

We provide legal advice to:

  • tax optimization (a certain mechanism to minimize tax liabilities);
  • transfer pricing (a list of transactions by which tax authorities have the right to control the compliance of the tax base, access to platforms based on their use of values, tax base, identified tax requirements taking into account market prices);
  • thin capitalization rules (application of the restrictions on inclusion in expenses (non-operating expenses), taken into account in taxation, certain types of expenses (expenses) based on the results of the tax period);
  • risk assessment of upcoming financial transactions (in order to make informed decisions on the appropriateness of financing the project);
  • Double taxation avoidance agreements with the Republic of Belarus;
  • foreign trade transactions;
  • interaction with organizations included in the register of commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs;
  • other issues regarding taxation.