Accounting support (Bookkeeping) in Belarus

Accounting support is a service that links the accounting and tax accounting services into a single integrated whole.
Accounting support in LLC »Financial Laboratory» is a tangible saving on:

-the salary of a full-time accountant;
-payroll taxes
-reference and legal systems.

Accounting support for our company is one of the main activities. One of the principles of work in this direction is the consolidation of one of the company’s specialists for the customer’s company. As required, the client transfers the primary documents to the «Financial Laboratory», and our specialists prepare accounting operations in the «1C» program and form the accounting and tax registers, and also makeup all the accounting and tax reporting.

As a rule, organizations and enterprises with a small number of employees, as well as enterprises at the stage of development are in need of accounting support.

Accounting services and support includes next:

-compilation of accounting policy for bookkeeping and tax accounting based on the organization’s primary documents in the 1C: Accounting;
-the creation of accounting and tax reporting with the presentation of financial reports on the results of accounting by forms and in accordance with the current legislature;
-calculation of the tax assessment base for taxes;
-formation of accounting entries on the basis of the primary documentation and on tax imputation;
-payroll accounting;
-formation of advance and cash reports;
-formation of accounting and tax reporting;
-compilation of reports to the Federal Tax Service, statistical office, RUE «Belgosstrakh».

Services of accounting support and reporting can be provided on a permanent and one-time basis for sole proprietorship and legal entities.

The cost of service is calculated individually and varies depending on the following indicators:

- the volume of documents flow;
- the number of employees of the organization;
- the number of activities of the organization;
- the presence of foreign trade activities;
- the adopted taxation system.

By providing accounting support we respect confidentiality and guarantee the quality and professionalism, the continuity of accounting, and the optimization of taxation.

Accounting consultations
Accounting consultations are one of the most operative types of assistance in the organization of bookkeeping, management, and tax accounting. The knowledge that you owned yesterday may be outdated and inadequate for running a successful business today because of the frequent changes in the legislative framework. That’s why not only newcomers-entrepreneurs but also businessmen with experience are going for consultation to outsourcing companies.

Specialists of LLC »Financial Laboratory» conduct consultations on issues arising in the course of financial and economic activities of any organization (accounting, taxation, law, management), both on a one-time basis and on an ongoing basis.

One-time fee-based consultations on accounting and taxation are conducted mainly on complex issues of the Legislation of the Republic of Belarus when a specialist needs to work out the base of normative documents, make inquiries to supervisory authorities and find a decision confirmed by law having analyzed different opinions on a given issue.
Our company will provide you with accounting and tax consultations of any orientation:

-consulting on accounting; support of activities of the client company.
-consultations on taxation and selection of the optimal tax system for the business owner;
-consultations on certain types of taxes;
-consultations on Personnel Records and labor legislation;
-consultations concerning new legal acts related to accounting and taxation system;
-consultations on the issues of filling out a tax return.

Our accountants are experts in their field and monitor the changes in the legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus on a daily basis. Therefore, after applying for a consultation you will receive a qualified and detailed answer to your question which will help you to avoid penalties or successfully solve a tax dispute.

Business Registration
Company registration is the first but often the most difficult step to meet your own business and success. The specialists of the Financial Laboratory company can help you with this if you decided to take this step. If you want to open the Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Private Enterprise (PUE), so you do not have to waste your time delving into the subtleties of the paperwork. We can easily register your company taking all the issues on registering a business.

Advantages of working with our company:

1. You will receive competent recommendations thanks to which you will be able to make the right decisions at all stages of registration. Our awareness in the business area allows us to choose the optimal organizational and legal form for the client and the taxation system, and also we will save you from mistakes when drafting statutory documents.
2. You do not have to be present personally. We can do without your presence most of the registration procedures if you are busy. This will save you time.
3. Flexible tariffs and payment terms will make the registration process more comfortable for you. The cost of registering a business is negotiated individually.

Thus, by entrusting the procedure of legal registration to us, you will have the opportunity to concentrate fully on achieving the set goals and objectives. Our specialists will issue documents legally and competently in a short time eliminating the reasons for refusal of the registration authorities.


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